iRose Social

We are a team of digital strategists, Photographers, and event planners. Our aim is to substantiate your web presence through utilizing the power of social media. We take a strategic approach that combines both research and creativity to grow your business exponentially. 


Our Mission:

To make a positive difference and bring the sense of community back into the digital space.


Do you feel like your creative freelancer career isn’t propelling as fast as you want it to? Do you want to take the next big step and start monetizing off of your creative skills? If so, this post is for all of our photographers, illustrators, graphic designers, and writers out there! So without further ado, let’s get started..

Why We're Different From Your Typical Digital Agency:


Social Media Authenticity


It makes us cringe when we realize that a countless number of companies are continuously being deceived by influencers with a fake following and unauthentic audience. We've observed that companies prioritize numbers over quality content creation and unique personalities, which can hurt brands in the long run if they continue to work with the wrong crowd.

As established content creators who have been a part of the blogging industry for years, we have derived and implemented the top tips, strategies, and tricks for any brand to grow an organic and influential follower base on social media. Additionally, we have developed a keen eye for authenticity and can easily differentiate the value in an influencer with marketability versus an influencer with empty numbers.

Through hard work and extensive research, we take pride in building the most authentic following possible. For example, an influencer with 10,000 followers and a more down-to-earth and engaging personality would be a far more effective influencer than an influencer with 30,000 followers who doesn't bother to engage with his/her audience.

With our collaborations, we make it a mission to connect companies with not just any influencer, but a community of genuine influencers. We take a look at authenticity, marketability, reach, and carefully assess these qualities to find the best influencers to promote and grow your brand.


Event Planning Strategy:


We carefully analyze the strengths and weaknesses of our competitors to develop uncontested opportunities. By eliminating weaknesses and improving strengths, we have formulated the most effective roll-out plan to suit your brand's individual needs. As influencers, we have attended over one hundred media events and know exactly what aspects needs to be improved in the event planning industry. By combining extensive research and our personal experiences, we are confident in our abilities to deliver the most effective media event that you will ever experience to your business.