Pengo Drink Station

Media Event & Content Creation

Based in Laguna Hills, Pengo Drink Station carries a variety of fruity beverages, coffees, and teas served in a glass bottle with an adorable Penguin logo that changes outfits every season. Both family and friends find themselves grabbing a drink here whenever their taste buds crave a sweettooth fix.

Because 2017’s OC Night Market was around the corner, we wanted to hype up their name and their amazing drink selection as much as possible. Thus, we partnered up with Pengo Drink Station to host a media event, inviting 35 influential foodies of Instagram to attend. We aimed to promote Pengo’s one-of-a-kind “Unicorn Drink” before its debut at 2017’s OC Night Market, a food-related event that attracts over 40,000 attendees per day.

During and after the media event, this Unicorn Drink began its viral presence on Instagram. Shown below are a few screenshots from previous features of the Unicorn Drink from Instagram’s top foodies.