How it all began...

It all started when two established content creators, Michelle and Sharon, met for a brief second at a media event in Los Angeles, California. They exchanged quick "hellos" and went their separate ways before Michelle slid through the DMs a couple of days later. During their second hangout, Sharon and Michelle bonded over their ultimate goal of contributing back to the digital space in a positive and impactful way. From there, the two future colleagues-to-be were on the road towards creating the vision of their dreams.


When creative direction meets strategy -

With Sharon's background in design, digital marketing strategy, and photography, she always wanted to do more than just purely art. When Sharon was a student at the Art Center of Design College, she accidentally signed up for a branding strategy course that ended up launching her passion for strategic thinking and project management. Shortly after, Sharon met an established photographer who mentored her and taught her the basics of photography that eventually led her towards becoming the primary photographer of irose.

With Sharon’s keen eye for details and strategic planning, she leads the overall direction of irose - this includes developing an effective roll-out plan for clients, creating visual content, and revamping and strengthening irose’s marketing strategy.

When communication meets organization -

In combination with years of blogging experience and a love for writing came numerous opportunities that allowed Michelle to connect and communicate with a multitude of brands. As Michelle continued to network with business owners and influencers via email, she realized that she had a knack for building strong relationships with her clients. From there, Michelle has utilized her immaculate writing skills and her natural ability to negotiate brand partnerships for irose. This talent for communication allowed Michelle to coin the title as “Pitch Master Sun,” as jokingly deemed by irose Co-Founder, Sharon.

Without skipping a beat, Michelle uses her administrative, organizational skills to streamline all irose tasks as efficiently as possible. With a positive and professional attitude, Michelle ensures that all influencer and brand outreach is met with thoroughness, articulation, and punctuality.


When two colleagues combine complementary skill sets -

By combining Sharon’s aforementioned skill sets with Michelle’s expertise, these two ambitious workaholics decided to join forces to turn their shared vision into a reality - a reality known as the digital agency, irose Social.

irose Social was designed to offer one-of-a-kind social media-driven services that include content creation, influencer campaigns, social media management, and media events.

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