Burke Williams x Lady M Cakes Afternoon Delights

On August 9th, 2018, the Irose team hosted the “Burke Williams x Lady M Afternoon Delights” event on a casual Thursday afternoon. Over delicious crepe mille cakes and coffee, we invited 12 Orange County influencers to partake in a fun and intimate afternoon learning about all things beauty and skincare from the Burke Williams team and their luxurious H2V skincare collection.

During the first hour, we allowed our influencer attendees to mingle with one another, order their top choice of desserts and drinks, and document the behind-the-scenes of our event through fun and interactive Instastories. As soon as the clock struck 12:00, our guest speaker from the Burke Williams team walked up to the front of the room to address a very important topic of today - the importance of skincare.

“Did you know that the collagen levels in your face drop from 1-2% each year?” This shocking fact and more opened up our eyes towards the necessity of skincare and how it plays a beneficial role in our everyday lives. By the end of the day, the guest speaker went through a detailed “what’s-in-your-Burke-Williams-goodie-bag” review and the important functions of  behind each H2V product. While the H2V Triple C Accelerator restores collagen back into our skin, the H2V Buff Exfoliator eliminates impurities from our skin and is best used while taking a shower. To top it all off, the Burke Williams team gifted each influencer attendee their very own 3-Day Spa Pass so that she has access to the luxurious amenities that Burke Williams Day Spa has to offer.

After learning so much about the contents of their goodie bag, our influencers shared with the irose team how much they loved the intimacy and exclusivity of our events. Not only do we aim for our events to create new friendships, but we are proud that we have met our goal with each and every event - to create memories that last a lot longer than one’s recently published Instagram post. We aim to create a difference in our media events with the hopes that one day, our events and influencer attendees can give back to the community in a positive and influential way.

Nicole (@curvestocontour)

Irose Social x Jolii Cosmetics Afternoon Delights


On February 22, 2018, the Irose Social team was delighted to host an Afternoon Delights Influencer Event called "Irose Social x Jolii Cosmetics" from 1:00 - 3:00 PM at the famous crepe mille cakes shop otherwise known as Lady M in Irvine. With a total party of 14 influencers, we had a great time mingling with like-minded creatives over coffee and delicious crepe mille cakes.

At this event, we introduced our lovely ladies of Orange County and Los Angeles to a few of our favorite participating sponsors - Jolii Cosmetics, THACKER NYC, Bright Endeavors, COOLA, and Kestan. Our aim of this event was to create an intimate setting for creative influencers to network with each other all the while enjoying the aesthetic decor and bites. Additionally, we had our resident photographer, Sharon Litz, capture quality Instagram content for all of our attendees to post on their social media channels. Not only were influencers able to shoot and take home an aesthetic tablescape of sponsored goodies, but they were able to take a few photos outside for those who prioritize lifestyle feeds and #ootd shots.

Special thanks to Lady M for allowing us to host this event at their shop, to all of our sponsors who participated, and to all of our guests who attended! For anyone who missed out on the behind-the-scenes of this fun event, you can check out our Instagram page ( and the event hashtag #IroseSocialxJoliiCosmetics for additional photos. With that, we absolutely cannot wait for the next event!