How To Beat The Instagram Algorithm

Ever since Instagram initiated their so-called "Instagram algorithm" update, influencers from all over the world have never experienced more difficulty in promoting their posts these days. Organic growth has become a struggle, and a lot of influencers started relying on various methods that actually end up harming their influence and exposure even more without their knowledge. Thus, iRose Social is here to save the day by sharing our foolproof tips on how to beat the Instagram algorithm once and for all.


1. Focus on creating quality content.

Although having a high amount of numbers is an important part of this industry, the quality of your content is byfar one of the most significant factors to consider when building an organic audience. When you create unique and valuable content that draws your audience's attention, your following will build naturally. Also, quality content is not represented by one example, but can range anywhere from shooting aesthetically appealing photographs to picking up an eloquent writing style. As long as you keep hustling, have patience, and trust the process - the results will truly show for those who put in the time and the effort into their work.

2. Actively engage with your followers and the Instagram community.

Networking on Instagram is much like connecting with individuals at a public event. If you choose to only talk to your same circle of friends, you are only limiting the amount of connections that can bring you growth and opportunities. However, if you are open to breaking out of your shy tortoise shell by interacting with new faces, you'd be surprised how much you can benefit from additional connections.

Going back to Instagram, you want to actively engage with the role models who constantly inspire you. In fact, engaging with established influencers of a high following does wonders in increasing your visibility to various other influencers.

Another tip includes hopping on the Explore Page of Instagram and interacting with various accounts that you genuinely like by liking and/or commenting on their photos. Ideally, you want to target accounts that align with your niche so that like-minded creatives can see your posts as well. If you take the time to leave a kindhearted compliment on a few influencers' pages per hour, you'd be surprised just how much genuine engagement you will gain.

3. Be active on Instastories and be yourself!

The reason why Instastories is such a hit these days is because you are able to see an influencer's personable side that isn't as clearly shown through curated photos on Instagram. In other words, the more likely you update your Instastories with interesting content, the more likely you are able to strongly connect with your audience. Ideally, it makes the most sense to keep the overall length of your Instastories short, but it really depends per influencer and what they are trying to promote. As long as your Instastories are of value (whether it be promoting positivity, humor, or knowledge), your audience will truly appreciate every second of your Instastories.

4. Tag your location in every Instagram photo and respectively on Instastories (if you are comfortable with doing so).

Location tags are another effective way to increase your page's visibility to a targeted audience. For example, if you tag "Huntington Beach, California" in your latest Instagram photo, there's a high chance that Huntington beach followers or residents will find your page if they search that location tag.

In contrast to Instagram, the location tag on Instastories can potentially drive hundreds of viewers to your page if the content is intriguing enough. If you have a Business Account on Instagram and look at your Instastory statistics, you will know if your Instastory has been featured on a respective city's Instastories if the city appears as one of your "first" viewers on the top of the page. In other words, the more often you travel and tag your location, the more often you expose your page to other cities (and their residents)!

5. Hashtag Instafamous, hashtag blessed.

Just kidding, please don't use those hashtags mentioned above. However, using certain "popular" hashtags can really work in your favor if you post your Instagram photo at the peak hours that your followers are active. We've done the research for you and discovered that mixing viral hashtags along with less popular hashtags is the most effective way to promote your Instagram account, especially when you change up these hashtags every day. It may be tedious, but the effort will be worth it when you're attracting new people to your page on the daily. Also, the maximum amount of hashtags you can use is 30, so be sure to take advantage of these thirty leads!

To break it down into simpler terms, let's go over the difference between a viral hashtag and less popular hashtag. A viral hashtag such as #ootd has over 155,556,661 mentions, while a less popular hashtag like "outfitofthemonth" has 1,182 mentions. The more viral the hashtag, the more likely your post will be drowned out by various other posts that share the same hashtag. On the other hand, unpopular hashtags may keep your post active for a while longer, but not many people will end up searching this hashtag. Hashtags are utilized so that people can search through various posts under a certain category (aka the hashtag), much like a search engine similar to Google.

Although the usage of hashtags is very popular but not explained clearly to every influencer, it makes the most sense to achieve a balance between viral and unpopular to get the best of both worlds.

6. Respond to your comments in a timely and considerate manner.

Nobody likes that bitch who receives 50 comments on every post and replies to NONE of them every time - this distance makes her look entitled, conceited, and "too busy" for her followers. The golden rule of thumb is to reply to your followers for the first 15 minutes or at least an hour after posting, but it's not a dealbreaker if you can't stick to this kind of routine. Obviously, life gets busy and not everybody has to strictly follow this guideline, but it's definitely appreciated by your followers if you kindly thank or reply back to them within 24 hours. And responding back to your followers doesn't include clicking the "heart" button on every comment you receive without sending any words back - that's just pure laziness. Be sure to take the time and talk to each and every one of your commenters - they will truly appreciate your time and are more likely to engage with you in the near future if you give off approachable and welcolming vibes.


7. The more reposts, the better!

One of the most effective ways to increase your visibility and exposure is to be reposted by both feature pages and brands that you collaborate with. If you aren't already featured or tagged by established feature pages, you can escalate the process of being reposted by tagging popular feature pages yourself on your own Instagram photo based on your feed's style. A few examples of established feature pages include BeautifulDestinations, DameTraveler, AmericanStyle, etc. Regarding brand collaborations, you always want to strive to create beautiful content without half-assing your work so that you increase the chances of being reposted by businesses with a huge following. In other words, the more brands you work with, the more likely you will be reposted on their page and gain a natural influx of followers!

8. Videography triumphs photography content in today's digital world.

Have you ever noticed how when you scroll through your Explore Page on Instagram or your Facebook newsfeed these days, your entire screen blows up with video after video? Yep, the algorithms of Instagram and Facebook now favor videos because pictures have become too saturated in the social media industry. Thus, if you're looking to grow your page, we recommend diving into videography and posting at least one video per week to expand your viewership while it's still new and trending. Of course, videography is not a dealbreaker when it comes to social media growth, but we do highly recommend looking into it if you have the time or passion. 

9. Network with a group of girls in your niche.

You know the term #squadgoals or #girlsquad? Yeah, that shit is actually proven to be effective on Instagram. When you follow a certain influencer that you look up to on Instagram and he/she poses with his/her squad, aren’t you just a little bit tempted to see who this inspirational influencer hangs out with? That’s right, stalk away. It’s okay - we all do it anyways.

We’re not saying to get brunch with the most popular influencers in town just to get a quick boost of social media exposure. Instead, we want to promote the idea of networking often and finding that ONE group of influencers that make you feel more passionate, cared for, and loved than when you’re without them. When you show off your favorite blogger babes to your followers and they do the same, your combined audiences will see the strength and value of your close-knit friendships and will be most likely to follow all of you. Now that’s how you network!