Top Tips To Achieve The Perfect Flatlay Shot

Want to accomplish the perfect flatlay, but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered! On today’s blog post, we’ve compiled a few top tips to up your Instagame for your next product flatlay!

“Flatlay is beyond photography. It’s photography that combines design.”
- Sharon Litz (@sharonlitz) from

Tip #1: Establish a theme.

It’s important to be mindful of the color palette and props you incorporate into your flatlay. For example, you might want to rethink that red lipstick or Christian Louboutin’s you just threw into the mix if you’re promoting a natural product. Additionally, one way to enhance this eco-friendly message is to add more "natural" props, such as a banana leaf or water droplets. After all, your chosen color palette and props need to complement the hero product instead of competing with it.

For this Tom Ford image, Sharon uses mascara, perfume bottle, and shiny jewelry to evoke the feeling of glamour and luxury.

For this Tom Ford image, Sharon uses mascara, perfume bottle, and shiny jewelry to evoke the feeling of glamour and luxury.


Tip #2: Use natural lighting.

If you’re looking to shoot a basic flatlay with even lighting, setup your flatlay outside and shoot in the morning before the sun is fully out or an hour before sunset. The reason being, you want to avoid harsh lighting and opt for a more neutral and balanced light source. Avoid harsh lighting at all costs. As long as you have enough light, you can always add more brightness to an image during the editing process. On the other hand, you cannot fix a photo if it is too bright.

If you can only shoot indoors, your best bet is to shoot near a wide window that lets in natural light. Also, your image will turn out much better if you set up your flatlay station around a neutral or cooler toned background. It's harder to edit an image that is too warm.


Tip #3: Use props, textures, & shadows to enhance your flatlay.

Invest in a couple of basic flatlay necessities - white posterboards, marble paper, furry sheepskin rugs, etc. Remember what we said about being mindful of your props? We also suggest using neutral props like candles, vases, marble trays, flowers, and books like depicted in Sharon's images. In fact, flowers are probably Sharon's favorite go-to prop because they can work with any theme and effortlessly elevate your image.


Tip #4: Flatlays aren’t always flat.

Get creative with it! Experiment with different angles and composition. Plus, adding bokeh further enhances the focus of your star product, as that is the primary subject to draw the eye in. Regardless of what elements you use, we find that trial and error works best when it's time to shoot your products.


We hope that these four tips helped elevate your flatlay game the next time you want to showcase a few of your favorite products on Instagram. Please let us know in the comments below which tip resonated with you most and don't forget to follow us on Instagram at! Until then, we'll see you next week!